Orson Welles at 100


Orson Welles has taught me a lot of things. He taught me that weirdo ambition from southern Wisconsin can take you pretty far. He taught me that you can work against the grain, and maybe people will come around to your side in the end. He taught me that you can be a serious artist and a bitchy gossip at the same time. He taught me about magic, and about storytelling, about lies and about truth and about secrets. He taught me about low-angle shots and deep-focus cinematography, and how you can hide almost anything behind beautiful images. He taught me about the importance of understanding your own talents. He’s the best film talent America has yet to produce, and his influence lingers in the air everywhere. Welles is the first place cinephiles should start, and he’s also the artist that I revisit time, and time, and time (and time) again, and always find something new, always find something that makes me rethink my opinion from the last rewatch. Thanks, Mr. Welles.